1. Staff

• Welders are certified and have CCS welder certificates

2. Equipment

• Japan's Panasonic carbon dioxide shielded welding machine

• Impeller dynamic balancing equipment

3. Materials

• Using laser cutting, strict process control

4. Process flow

• Spray booth

     • The surface treatment is carried out in accordance with the GB/T8839 standard, and the machine is polished before spraying (level three)

     • The surface is sandblasted

     • Coating thickness 80-300um

5.Order tracking management system 

6.Manufacturing environment 

• Pass the environmental assessment

• Hygienic Quality Standards for Workplaces in Welding Workshops-GB16194-1996

• Strict workshop management and visualization of personnel task planning

7.Pass the certification

· ISO9001 Quality Management System

8.Executive standard